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Casino Tower - Brisbane

- 布里斯班/黃金海岸 -

HOME - PROJECT - BRISBANE - Casino Tower - Brisbane

How will you play your investment hand in the coming years? If it’s long term growth and enduring appeal you’re after, South Brisbane is certainly a suburb to closely consider. As an area offering the key investment attributes of proximity to key employment nodes, quality of lifestyle and relative affordability, South Brisbane is understandably one of Brisbane’s most popular catchments in which to invest.

Demand for quality rentals is high in the area, with Gen Y professionals representing the largest constituent of those drawn to South Brisbane’s inner urban appeal – in particular its proximity to the CBD and many lifestyle attractions and amenities

EN casinotower廚房

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EN casinotower回廊

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EN casinotower外觀

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EN casinotower起居室

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AUS:Level 2, 97 Pacific Highway, North Sydney

China:山東省 濟南市 舜耕路28-1號


AUS:02 9281 8850

China:130 6601 1690




02 9281 6891

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