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West Side Place - Melbourne

- 墨爾本 -

HOME - PROJECT - MELBOURNE - West Side Place - Melbourne

West Side Place is an approved A$1 billion complex of four residential and hotel buildings which, when built, will become some of the tallest buildings in Melbourne

Growing tall in the heart of Melbourne's CBD, West Side Place is currently on schedule to become the city’s latest residential icon and first Ritz-Carlton Hotel – all while providing future residents with an enviable lifestyle and a dynamic place to live.

Once complete, the hotel will be the tallest in Australia, rising 270 metres.

EN wsp大堂

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EN wsp空中花園

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EN 利茲卡爾頓衛浴

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EN wsp地標外觀

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EN wsp地標外觀2

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EN wsp區域圖

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AUS:Level 2, 97 Pacific Highway, North Sydney

China:山東省 濟南市 舜耕路28-1號


AUS:02 9281 8850

China:130 6601 1690




02 9281 6891

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